Rules For Selling A Vehicle

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Rules For Selling A Vehicle Empty Rules For Selling A Vehicle

Post  SiBlueCB7 on December 24th 2009, 3:43 pm

Rules for selling a vehicle:

1. Please list as many details as you can about the car (mileage, rust, salvage/clean title ect.)
2. VIN is required you will be warned 3 times by either a moderator or a admin before thread is locked.
3. Name, Location, and a means of contact are required(just so this question wont have to be frequently asked)
4. Please keep all negative comments to your self, if so your post will be deleted
5. You DO NOT need a set price if you are trying to trade only. If it is a for trade/
for sale thread then a price is required
6. A picture is required please do not post a thread without a picture
7.However you do need to put FS/FT, F/S, F/T, WTB or something of that sort in the title of your thread just to let people know what you are wanting

IMPORTANT: is not responsible for any interactions on the site. The forums are here as a courtesy to you. If you do not follow these rules action will be taken on your account up to and including revoking access to the forums.

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